Operating Safety

Dear operator,
Before starting to use your new equipment, we would like to bring your attention to the safety aspects. Grouting can be a hazard to you and to the environment. Good order, training and well-maintained equipment are the key factors to safe operation. This instruction manual is no replacement for thorough training, but, as a training aid and a reference book it will help you to maintain a safe working environment and keep the pump in good working order.Yours faithfully,
Atlas Copco Craelius AB

General safety advice

Intended use
The Unigrout is intended for grout, drilling fluid, mud, paint and pulp.

Any application other than this shall be considered ”non-intended use”. The manufacturer is then not liable for damage incurred as a result; such use shall be at the owner’s risk. Proper use also includes compiance with instructions in manuals as stipulated by the manufacturer.

Unigrout must be operated, serviced and repaired by personnel properly trained for their task. Such personnel must have sound knowledge of hazards in their respective profession.

General safety regulations must be observed. Personnel must be aware of dangers resulting from the abuse of drugs and alcohols as well as the effects of legally prescribed medicine, or combinations of any of these. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by unauthorized alterations made to the unit.

Organizational measures

  1. The Unigrout shall be operated only by personnel who have undergone a theoretical and practical training course on the Unigrout. Particular emphasis shall be laid on safety precautions.
  2. Keep this instruction manual available on the Unigrout at all times.
  3. Always use personal protective equipment, as required by circumstances or demanded by regulations.
  4. Warning signs must be kept easily legible at all times. Damaged signs must be replaced immediately.
  5. The daily safety check, as described in these instructions, must always be performed, togheter with the maintenance measures described in the service schedule.
  6. Hydraulic and electrical systems are of a complex nature. Repair and service must be carried out by personnel with documented experience of these systems.
  7. Welding must be carried out exclusively by an authorized welder in order to meet the high standards that apply to Atlas Copco products. Special attention must be paid to components  that can cause injury or serious damage.
  8. After repair make sure that the Unigrout has been inspected and approved by the proper authorities before brought back to normal operation.
  9. Never make alterations or modifications to components of the Unigrout which might have hazardous consequences, particularly to the safety systems. The manufacturer should be informed of any kind of modification done to the Unigrout and give his approval.

Operation and maintenance

  1. In addition to this manual you must also have good knowledge of generally recognized safety and accident prevention regulations. If you follow these regulations you stand a better chance of performing your task without harm to people or equipment.
  2. Prior to start-up for the first time, take the time to familiarise yourself with all of the features of the Unigrout, its controls and their function. Further information in the section entitled  ”Operating instructions”
  3. There are safety devices built in to the system of the Unigrout for your personal safety. These safety devices must be checked at least once every shift to ensure that they are in full working order, so that you know that they will be operational the moment you need them. If you are unsure of the equipment’s reliability, do not put into operation.
  4. Operators and helpers must wear hard hats, ear protection when required, safety glasses, safety shoes, gloves and overalls. Loose-fitting clothes and jewellery can cause personal injury.
  5. Check the surroundings. During grouting no unauthorized person should be allowed near the Unigrout.
  6. Never leave the Unigrout unattended with the engine running.
  7. Hydraulic oils are poisonous. Use safety glasses and gloves. Hydraulic oils, in the same way as fuel, must be treated in compliance with safety- and environmental regulations.
  8. Before any repair or service is carried out on the Unigrout’s hydraulic or water systems, make sure that the motor is stopped and systems are depressurized. 
  9. Be very careful when tracing leaks in pressurized systems. Hydraulic oils, water or air under pressure can penetrate under the skin and cause complex injuries or infection. If this happens, seek medical attention at once.
  10. Dispose of hydraulic oils, fuels, filters and acids in a safe way in accordance with environmental protection regulations.
  11. Avoid the use of cleaning agents containing solvents such as carbon tetrachloride. There are environmentally far better alternatives now available on the market.
  12. Use only authorized parts (Atlas Copco Craelius parts). Any damage or malfunction caused by the use of unauthorized parts is not covered by warranty or Product Liability.
  13. Any warranty for work performed, only covers the original company name and components and work performed by authorized personnel.
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