The grout plant consists of a CEMIX 203H highspeed mixer, a CEMAG 402H agitator, a PUMPAC BASIC grout pump and a PUG 22 mounted on a steel platform provided with slots for forklift and lifting eyes. One electrical cabinet with a start/stop button. Two ballvalves are mounted on the pump outlet: one for the groutline and one for the recirculation line back to the agitator.


The CEMIX 203H is a highspeed and highshear mixer of a colloidal type, producing a thoroughly uniform mix free of lumps or aggregates. The cement particles disintegrate in two stages through shearing actions:

  • Firstly in the vortex in the container, created by the high-velocity impeller.
  • Secondly from the shearing action created by the turbulence in the specially designed mixer housing.
  • Thirdly, through an eccentric formed vortex to increase the shear forces; this also keeps the dry unmixed particles from forming a floating clod in the centre.

Each cement particle thus becomes separated and effectively wetted. The mixing impeller is directly driven by the hydraulic motor, through a shaft extension. Rotation speed of mixer shaft 1750-1800 rpm.


The CEMAG 402 H is an agitator fitted with a container that has twice the volume of the mixer. This is in order to ensure that grout is always kept available for the pump when grouting and mixing are beeing carried out simultaneously. The cylindrical container with an angular base and an inclined agitator shaft with offset blades creates the necessary counter currents, which keep the mixture in suspension and release mixed-in air bubbles. Rotation speed of agitator shaft: 60 – 70 rpm.


The PUMPAC, BASIC is a single cylinder double acting piston pump capable of pumping most grout mixtures used for sealing and reinforcement of for example rock and concrete. It is designed with easy-to-clean ball valves and with a hydraulic system allowing pressure and flow to be independently controlled during grouting operations.
Maximum flow and pressure can, however, not be achieved simultaneously. The grout pump is provided with water flushing of the piston rods for longer life of the piston rods and seals. One 46 mm spanner is the only tool necessary to service the fluid end of the grout pump.

Grout cylinder ø 110 mm
Grout flow  0 – 120 l/min
Two grout pressure setting levels
Low pressure 2 – 10 bar
High pressure 8 – 100 bar.

Grout cylinder ø 150 mm
Grout flow  0 – 200 l/min
Two grout pressure setting levels
Low pressure 2 – 10 bar
High pressure 8 – 55 bar

Valve system  Ball valve (Std).
Option: HD (Heavy duty), DV (Disc valve)

Hydraulic Power Unit

The PUG 22 is a hydraulic power unit designed to supply hydraulic power to one mixer, one agitator and one grout pump. A 22 kW vertically mounted electric motor drives three hydraulic pumps, which are submersed into the hydraulic tank. The hydraulic pumps are connected to the electric motor by means of a flexible shaft coupling.

A variable hydraulic piston pump feeds hydraulic flow to the grout pump for easy, independent control and setting of grout flow and pressure. Two hydraulic gear pumps feed hydraulic flow to the mixer and agitator. One hydraulic pump for each unit. Both gear pumps are provided with pressure relief valves set at 210 bar.
On the front side off the power unit is the operator’s position, with the electric cabinet and hydraulic controls for all units and the water flow control for the grout mixer.

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