Description of Components

The plattform consists of the following main components (see fig. 2):

  1. Platform
  2. Mixer
    a.)  Bag splitter
    b.)  Circulation and outlet valve assembly
    c.)  Water intake
    d.)  On/Off switch for the hydraulic motor
  3. Agitator
    a.)  Removable strainer, under the cover.
    b.)  On/Off switch for the hydraulic motor
  4. Grout pump
    a.)  High-pressure setting valve
    b.)  Low-pressure setting valve
    c.)  Flow setting valve
    d.)  Hi-Low pressure valve (On/Off)
    e.)  Hydraulic pressure gauge
    f.)  Grout pressure gauge
    g.)  Grout line ball valve
    h.)  Recirculation line ball valve
    i.)  Hydraulic filter indicator
  5. Mixer hose with quick-release couplings.
  6. Quick coupling.
  7. Recirculation hose.
  8. Water meter
    a.) Water intake
  9. Electrical cabinet with main switch start/stop buttons and emergency stop button.
  10. Delivery hose

NOTE: The grout plant is delivered without electricity supply cables.

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